How to Install a New Home Window Screen Frame

Installing a new home window screen frame is a relatively easy DIY project that can be completed in an hour or less. To get started, you'll need a few basic tools, such as a flat or slotted screwdriver, a staple remover or screwdriver, a hammer, a small flat-tip screwdriver, a nail punch, a sharp object, a multi-purpose knife, and scissors. If you have wooden screen frames, you'll need to remove the staples or nails with the appropriate tool. If the frame is dirty, this is a good time to wash it.

Once the frame is clean and dry, take the old slot to a home improvement store to make sure that the replacement slot you buy is the right size. When buying a roll of replacement mosquito net material for windows, be sure to buy mosquito nets made of a material that is appropriate for your home. Most window screens are made of fiberglass, but homes with pets may consider using heavy-duty mosquito nets that are resistant to pets. Sunscreens are useful on patios or in sunny areas of the house.

To install the new slot, use a flat-tip screwdriver, nail punch, or sharp object to pry the groove out of the channel. Cut off any excess protective material with a multi-purpose knife and cut the grille on the outside of the new slot. To avoid cutting it, tilt the blade of the multipurpose knife in the opposite direction of the new slot. Once you have installed the slot, place the frame on a flat, secure surface and locate the slot.

Gently lift it from all four sides of the frame with a flat-tip screwdriver and set it aside to take it to a hardware store and be sure to buy a new one of the same size. Using scissors, cut the corners of the screen a little above the frame channel so that it does not crease at the corners of the frame. Finally, install your new window screens and place a brick or similar heavy object in the center of the screen before installing the last two sides of the slot. Extend the life of mosquito nets by storing them properly in winter and cleaning them before reinstalling them in spring. Before repairing or re-protecting your window, make sure you know what type of material your mosquito net is made of (or what type you would like to replace it with).

Finally, close your window while removing your screen for repair. Repairing or replacing window screens is an easy DIY project that doesn't need to be done regularly. But if you have multiple screens that need repair, consider hiring a local window screen installation professional to save time and money.

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