How to Seal the Edges and Corners of a Home Window Screen Frame

Silicone putty is an ideal solution for sealing the edges and corners of a home window screen frame. It can be used on wooden, vinyl, and metal window frames to paint around the outside of window units and properly seal the window and the edge of the coating. When using silicone putty, it is important to avoid clogging the drain holes. These holes allow moisture behind the window to escape from the frame, so if you want to prevent costly repairs in the future, keep the putty away from the drain holes.

If you feel a breeze or chill as you walk through a window, it may be necessary to seal it a little. If there is condensation inside the glass between the panes or fogging up of the window glass, one of the window joints is likely compromised and will not insulate as it should. Visible damage to indoor or outdoor weather strips is another sign that cold air is coming in. Windows that leak in the lower corner of the frame or around the sill usually indicate cracked or worn sealants.

To locate where drafts are coming from, you can slowly move a burning match or candle around the window frame. Storm windows are an effective solution for blocking cold air from entering through cracks between the leaf and sill. Aluminum storm windows are mounted on the outside of the window housing, providing an additional insulating glass panel. The 3M interior window insulation kit includes everything you need to apply an insulating film to up to five standard windows.

The inexpensive and easy-to-use rope sealer is an excellent solution for repairing small cracks and gaps in window caulking, and requires only your fingers to install it. This method is not practical for windows in living areas of the house but is an excellent solution for drafty basement windows.

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