What Type of Mesh is Best for Home Window Screen Repair?

When it comes to home window screen repair, the standard mesh size is 18 x 16 and is usually made of either fiberglass or aluminum. If you need a screen that is resistant to pets, you should opt for a slot size of 0.125. All other types are best used with 0.140 slots. Phifer offers the highest quality mosquito nets for windows, doors, and outdoor structures, so it's important to learn about the features of each type of screen they offer in order to determine which product is best for you. The Patio, Porch & Swimming Pool Mosquito Net is a strong fiberglass mesh designed for use in pool enclosures, patios, porches, and solariums. The Aluminum Wire Mosquito Net for Windows is a durable insect protection that resists rust and won't sag.

Bronze Door and Window Screens are ideal for homes in areas that require homeowners to maintain an authentic look and feel from the time they were originally built. The No-See-Um Insect Screen for Windows is a finer mesh fiberglass screen that protects against dirt, mosquitoes, sandflies, and other tiny insects common in low-lying, swampy, and coastal areas. If your home overlooks a large skyline or your own private nature reserve in the backyard, you'll want to take advantage of the beautiful view from your windows all year round. A premium window protector that offers superior strength and durability with a shiny gold finish that oxidizes to form a patina that protects the copper mesh from corrosion is the perfect choice. The type of window or door screen you'll need to keep your home free of most insects depends on where you live and the daily activities of your home. We also offer screen repair kits that include a screen, Spline & Tool, and frame repair kits.

If you live in a hot, humid area with windows facing west, the right screens can help you save money on energy costs by blocking up to 90% of heat and sun rays. Phifer manufactures mosquito nets for windows and doors in the USA with various materials such as fiberglass, polyester, aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel. Both PVC-coated wires provide superior strength and durability while keeping your home cooler and offering better natural lighting and light transmission when combined with low-emissivity glass windows. Bronze mosquito nets work well for a number of applications on doors and windows and can withstand cold and salty air in homes in historic New England. Fortunately, Phifer manufactures a wide variety of premium protection products suitable for use on doors and windows of all types.

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