Should interior window screens be removed for the winter?

Most home experts suggest that you remove mosquito nets from windows during the winter months. Removing the screens will allow up to 40% more natural light to enter the windows. They also block solar heat, which is useful in summer but less important during winter. For optimal performance and durability, it's important to properly inspect and maintain window screens.

By removing them every winter, you have the opportunity to inspect and clean the screens, which extends their lifespan. It's also a great opportunity to inspect your windows and frames to see what condition they are in and take advantage of the warranty if any of your windows need to be repaired. Finally, it's a good time to clean the window frames and rails. Another reason to take off your screens in winter is that it offers better protection against storms.

Winter storms bring rain and snow, and mosquito nets can trap snow and keep it against windows and moldings. The water can then gradually seep over time, creating massive decay problems. In addition, the weight of snow is not good for screens, since this additional load can cause them to bend and bend, so they will need to be repaired or replaced. Mosquito nets help keep pests away during the summer, but in winter they can damage windows.

During the winter, ice or snow can get caught between the screen and windows and cause moisture damage. That's why you should remove the screens before winter starts. In addition to preventing damage to windows, there are other reasons why mosquito nets need to be removed during the winter. In addition, while some minor repairs can be done effectively as DIY jobs, if you have to repair more complicated window and door mosquito nets, professionals will be able to perform them quickly and efficiently.

Making sure to keep mosquito nets clean will extend their lifespan and allow more natural light to enter while they are in use. Now that the window screens are clean and dry, be sure to store them in an area where there is little foot traffic so that they won't be damaged during the winter. In general, the area near windows without screens is about eight degrees warmer on a sunny winter day. If you notice any signs of damage to the window, ask a professional contractor to repair the windows as soon as possible.

If the mosquito nets on your windows or doors already look a little worse because of wear and tear, it's time to call Custom Glass %26 Screen. Removing mosquito nets from windows will allow sunlight and heat to enter your home, brightening up the indoor environment and creating more heat. If you remove mosquito nets from windows during the winter in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you'll have an opportunity to evaluate them and determine if they need to be repaired after they've been thoroughly cleaned. To avoid damaging the windows, if you don't remove the screens before winter, they will trap snow against the glass and allow it to accumulate.

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