How do you clean window screens without damaging them?

The best way to clean window mosquito nets while keeping them on the frames is to lightly clean the surface with a soft vacuum, lint roller, magic eraser, or toothbrush. You can also pressure wash the screens, spray them with vinegar or saturate them with a cleaning solution. Dampen a soft, clean, lint-free microfiber rag or cloth in the cleaning bucket and wring out most of the water from the cloth to prevent it from dripping. Use a damp cloth to gently clean the screen, paying special attention to any spots of dirt or excessive dirt.

You may need to rinse the cloth with the cleaning solution several times and re-clean the screens depending on how dirty they are. Dirty or dusty screens can also look unattractive from outside the house and damage its “curb appeal”. Depending on how dirty the mosquito nets are, it may be a good idea to refresh the rinse bucket between each mosquito net. Start by lowering the top frame of the window and dusting the top half of the screen first so that loose dust or dirt falls to dust-free areas and is collected when you dust the bottom of the screen.

Removing mosquito nets from windows should be a fairly simple process, and once you do, cleaning them will be much easier and more efficient. However, if they contain sap or other substances that are difficult to clean, you may need to remove the mosquito nets for better results. You can use a dry cloth to absorb most of this, but leaving windows open to facilitate natural airflow will help dry your screens quickly. Leaving the screens on and cleaning them is a quick and easy process that pays off, especially once you know how to clean the window screens without removing them.

Clean windows and screens help maintain an excellent view and visibility from inside the house, looking out. Allow the mosquito nets to dry completely or wipe them with a dry towel or microfiber before putting them back in place. Mosquito nets will dry quickly, but there may be excess water on and around the window sill. There are two basic methods for cleaning screens; one is to remove them and the other is to clean them while they remain in place or, in other words, without going through the hassle of removing them.

You should open the windows as much as possible to access as much of the screen as possible. When it comes to cleaning window screens without removing them, protecting the inside of your home is key.

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