How do i know what size window screen i have?

The “edge” of the window is what will keep the mosquito net in place. Place the end of the measuring tape behind the edge and measure vertically up to the window screen channel. These mosquito nets are normally installed on rails located on the left and right sides on the outside of the window. This is very important to obtain a true measurement, since some screens may have an arc in the frame due to damage, misuse or the fact that the screen material is too tight.

Measuring and installing outdoor solar screens with brick clips is so simple that anyone can do it. Easy to measure. The exact size is not as important as other methods, no drills or screws are required, brick grips are attached to the sides of the bricks, easy to install and remove, no tools required. The brick grips are not permanently attached to the sunscreen frame, they can be positioned as desired during installation for a better fit.

A lot of times, when you have these mosquito nets and you measure them, you know that you can measure them, and sometimes they might not fit. Measure the screen the same way you would with a standard square screen, but be sure to note the center height and the measurements of the side legs. Determining how to measure starts with the existing windows that you want to replace with new screens. Most notably, keep in mind that in many homes the sizes of window screens will vary from window to window.

These types of window screens are normally installed on rails located at the top and bottom of the outside of the window. Measure the total size of the Window Screen screen as you would with screens without the grid pattern, depending on the type of installation you chose. We hope this list will help you understand the different types of windows and to measure the mosquito nets on your windows. Horizontal “sliding” windows are opened by sliding the window from left to right and are usually made of aluminum or vinyl.

The most common and easiest way to correctly measure a replacement screen is to use the existing screen. If the house has street-facing windows with a colonial-style grid pattern, you'll want to offer that same pattern on the outdoor sunscreen. If you plan to make mosquito nets yourself, make sure that you have those tools available and are able to do so. Horizontal “half-window sliding” screens normally only cover the left half of the window when viewed from the outside.

In general, there are three basic sizes of screen frames that will be on 90% of windows in the United States.

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