How to Patch a Window Screen Easily

Window screens are essential for keeping your home safe from bugs and debris. But when they get damaged, it can be a hassle to repair them. Fortunately, you can patch small holes and breaks in the window screen mesh with the right tools and a few easy steps. You can find screen repair kits at most home improvement stores, which usually include the screen roll, the screen slot, and a slot roller.

If the hole is smaller than half a dollar, you can patch it with the kit. Start by centering the patch over the hole and applying a drop of glue around it. Then spread the glue across the patch and window screen with a flat wooden stick. If you have an aluminum screen with a small hole, you can buy a patch kit at the hardware store or home center.

You'll need to cut some new fiberglass from the roll at the hardware store or home center or request some small cuts. To keep the piece in place, use low-adhesion painter's tape, which should hold the screen together while it dries. Cut a piece of tape larger than the patch, apply it gently, and leave it until the screen is dry. If the hole is larger than half a dollar, it's best to replace the entire screen. You can find replacement screens at most home improvement stores.

When installing a new screen, make sure to measure twice and cut once to ensure that it fits properly.

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