What Are the Standard Sizes for Window Screens?

When it comes to window screens, the term “standard” usually refers to the sizes listed in the window company's catalog. Mosquito nets for double windows typically cover the entire window and have a cross bar in the center for support. On the other hand, screens are often referred to as “half screens” since they only cover the part of the window that opens. The width of the “U-channel” in the window frame determines the correct width of the frame needed for the screen.

This “U-channel” is present in all types of windows, and the screen will fit into it. Double windows are windows in which both parts open, either on the top and bottom or on the left and right sides. Since 1985, Reflect Window & Door has been providing Canadian and American businesses and homes with a full range of windows and doors, as well as all of the necessary parts for installation, repair, and maintenance. Most window manufacturers take the same amount of time to manufacture a “standard size” window as a “custom size” window.

Reflect Window and Door stocks a wide variety of window and door hardware, tools, and supplies, including a large selection of glazing tools and supplies. Fortunately, companies like Stanek Windows from Great Day Improvements insist on customizing new windows with precise measurements to ensure perfection. This way, you can be sure that your window screens will fit perfectly into your windows.

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