What are the Standard Window Screen Sizes?

When it comes to window screens, there are hundreds of different “standard” pre-cut sizes to choose from, depending on the manufacturer. Generally, there are three basic sizes of screen frames that will be on 90% of windows in the United States: 18 x 14, 18 x 18 and 20 x 20. Knowing what standard-sized windows your home has will make it easier to find and purchase replacement windows from a manufacturer when the time comes. Newly built windows are designed to be installed in new homes, and they are different in size than standard-sized replacement windows.

Panoramic windows are larger than standard windows, giving homes a contemporary and spacious look. If you have an opening that fits one of the following window dimensions, you can probably install panoramic windows without needing to arrange them in a custom way. When buying new windows for your home, window manufacturers and contractors will use a simple size notation for replacement windows to help you identify the size needed for your irregular opening. Manufacturers simplified the entire process of replacing window sizes to help homeowners like you find the standard window sizes needed for a home.

If you plan to make mosquito nets yourself, make sure that you have those tools available and are able to do so. A window contractor near you will be more than willing to come to your house and provide you with the most accurate cost estimate for every size of window you need.

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